Why You Don’t Need To Buy a New Camera

It’s really tempting to buy a new camera. These days, everyone wants the new, expensive cameras, and they can’t help but wonder how much better their films would look with an expensive camera, rather than an older camera they own or a cheaper option they can go for. This post will explain to you, how you don’t need expensive cameras to make great films.

I am a firm believer that YOU are more important than your camera. This can be proven, as there are videos all over the internet that are really impressive, and yet, were shot with very inexpensive cameras. Shots can be made better looking with colour grading and lighting, but what’s more important is that, you need to learn how to tell an interesting story, how to get a good performance out of actors.

Everyone says that the great renowned directors would be able to make a great film with a cheap camera, and I totally believe they would. But it doesn’t happen. My theory is that the people who don’t prioritise equipment & technical things end up being successful enough that they shoot on high-end gear just because they can. It’s definitely not the equipment itself that makes them great or successful.

For the price of a new Canon 5D Mark IV or a Sony A7S II, you could make an high budget short film, and that’s exactly what you should rather do.If you want to call yourself a filmmaker, you should prioritize making films over buying equipment.

But wait
  • With better dynamic range, I could have more details in the shadows.
  • With better low light performance, I could use natural light more creatively.
  • A detailed image is always better, right?
Those are some valid arguments, but what if there’s something that made more of a difference?
Some people like reading books. A good book can be thought-provoking, heart breaking, inspiring, captivating, everything you’d want your films to be. And yeah, it’s not in 4K, there are no aerial drone shots, it’s just pure story, and it works.

Using a cheap or an old camera would allow you to focus more on the important things. It would teach you to push yourself – learn better lighting, have better audio, etc.

But if you’re working for someone and they insist that you use a better camera, you can always just rent!

5 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Need To Buy a New Camera

  1. Aditya says:

    While it is not a good idea to jump to a new camera every time something new is announced, it is important to keep in mind the kind of work you do. There are times when newer technologies getting introduced can help take your work to a different level. My thoughts…

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  2. adadaraja says:

    I can say from my brief experience that working with what you have can be very rewarding.. I have a very basic camera and while I wish I had a newer model with all the new technologies,I find that the more I use my camera I take some pretty nice shots that I’m chuffed with and I’ve discovered a few things along the way as well.

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  3. On the North River says:

    Many years ago on a trip to Montreal I left behind my Nikon and Canon and Bronica cameras and only took a primitive Chinese copy of the Roliflex; a Seagull. And a manual light meter. I took some of the best photos I’ve ever taken that week.
    It slows you down, makes you think and the last thing you are going to want to forget is to check the background for someone picking their nose.

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